Despite Coronavirus (or maybe even because of!) the UK comedy circuit is experiencing a surge in popularity. All events we have staged over the last 12 months both online and in person, have seen the highest levels of interest ever and the number of our club nights is increasing to match the demand.

Thank you Nodding Dog! Your four events at our club were brilliant and just what we needed post lockdown; well organised, safe, COVID secure and great fun! The acts were top class and the feedback from our members in the audience was fantastic. A pleasure working with you and we look forward to doing more!


If you were wondering how in a post COVID world you will attract the audiences back to your venue and how to increase profits in your pub, bar or club – a comedy show is an excellent choice. With the best comedians in the UK performing in your venue, including names and faces you and customers will recognise as being major TV comedians, we promise to raise your profile and put on events that will live long in the memory of everyone who attends.


The great thing about stand up comedy is that it appeals across to all ages and demographics. It entertains everyone, where other nights can leave some feeling left out or not fully engaged. Live comedy is also a great way to win extra custom and you’ll also experience an increase in dry and wet sales on the night of your show.

Customers stay in your venue for longer and return even when comedy is not on the bill. This can lead to increased bookings in other areas of your business. It is an opportunity to be associated with a unique, fun and enjoyable activity, showing your business in a positive light.

At Nodding Dog Comedy we have a reputation for the quality of our marketing and our creativity. Choosing us to promote live comedy at your venue will expose your business to a huge audience that reaches far wider and with longer impact than the actual night you stage. Local and national online and print advertising means more people following links to your website and social media pages and ultimately more people that are aware of your business.

The two most common phrases we hear from venues after our events are ‘Everyone is asking when the next comedy night is’ and ‘Wow! The feedback has been amazing’.

Contact Nodding Dog Comedy for a full appraisal of your venue as a location for one of our comedy nights and honest advice as to what will have the biggest and positive impact on your business.

To find out more read here: The Nodding Dog Comedy Experience

To find out more about how live comedy can benefit your business give Kev a call direct on 07575698080 or fill in the form at the top of the page and we will get straight back to you!